Childcare Vouchers and TEDS Group Workplace Nursery Scheme. About TEDS Group expert tax advice for childcare shemes.

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About TEDS

After a period of consultation with leading businesses, in 1990, the then Conservative Government, introduced a new ruling which ensured that workplace nurseries could provide a non-taxable benefit for employees with children. Initially, only large organisations had the know-how and resources to be able to build sustainable self-operated schemes.

Fortunately companies like Midland Bank™ (now HSBC™), The Body Shop™ and Shell™ had the foresight to recognise the benefits that the new ruling could provide for its growing workforce. However, for small and medium (business) enterprises (SMEs), the story was very different, as they effectively lacked the knowledge, finances, resources or skills to be able to provide their workforces with the same benefits enjoyed by wealthy blue chip organisations. The TEDS Premier workplace nursery scheme now provides up to 50% off annual nursery fees for employees taking advantage of the attractive HMRC friendly tax benefits provided by TEDSgroup.

TEDSgroup - the champion of the SME

In the mid1996, everything changed. Long before Corporate and Social Responsibility existed, and in the days when cause-related marketing meant ‘no animal testing’ a northwest company, TEDSgroup decided that it was time for change. The management team had a very strong understanding of tax law and in particular, shared a vision that SMEs and their employees with children should be able to access and benefit from the same offering that larger companies had already introduced.

With this in mind, TEDSgroup was formed and a brand new benefit scheme was launched for SMEs, providing workplace nursery benefits to ensure that the SME employers and their employee parents thrived in the same way that larger organisations already did. The TEDS Premier scheme enables employees to save up to 50% off their annual nursery fees.

Ethical for employers, employees and childcare providers

From day one TEDSgroup ensured that its tax efficient childcare benefit scheme would benefit employers, employees and childcare providers. Today, the scheme is recognised as the leading workplace nursery scheme for SME’s. The business model is still based entirely around provision of ethical tax efficient services, ensuring that employees receive 100% of the benefits to which they are entitled.

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Childcare Vouchers and TEDS Group Workplace Nursery Scheme. About TEDS Group expert tax advice for childcare shemes.