Childcare Vouchers - TEDS Childcare Vouchers for SME organisations, employers and employees.

The Benefits of TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers

By accepting TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers as payment towards childcare fees, you are joining a growing group of leading childcare providers who recognise that they are proud to provide an ethical product which are the best-value for childcare providers, parents and their employers.

Whilst all childcare vouchers provide the same level of financial rewards for parents, TEDSgroup adds value for everyone.

For Childcare providers: TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers are from an ethical company with a near zero carbon footprint, vouchers never expire and funds are automatically transferred to you on the first working day of every month. This significantly reduces administration, chasing parents for payment and improves cash flow. And, because the vouchers never expire, your parents will not be left having to find extra money – TEDSgroup doesn’t operate a lotto ticket ‘use it or lose it within 6-months’ attitude. That’s why TEDSgroup is the ethical provider.

For Parents: TEDSgroup provide all the same benefits without the need to have to remember to pay you. Plus their vouchers never expire.

For Employers: Because TEDSgroup operates an ethical policy, employers can benefit from showing that they provide ethical childcare vouchers for their staff. Everything is automated in the process, thereby making it easier for them, reducing administrative costs and keeping employees happy because their payments are transferred instantly and automatically every month by Direct Debit – not BACS, which is left to manual human intervention.

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers are valid for:

  • Nurseries
  • Childminders
  • Nannies
  • Au Pairs
  • Pre-school activities
  • Afterschool childcare
  • Holiday schemes
  • Extra-curricular activities registered with Ofsted, e.g., ballet, horse riding etc.
  • Independent schools sector non educational childcare

Millions of employees across the UK are already taking advantage of Childcare Voucher schemes operated by TEDSgroup and others, however TEDSgroup is the only totally automated, ethical Childcare Voucher provider, providing the unique TEDS Premier scheme for employees.

Childcare Vouchers - TEDS Childcare Vouchers for SME organisations, employers and employees.