FAQs about childcare tax efficient salary sacrifice schemes for employers (SME) workplace nursery schemes.

Nusery FAQs

Is TEDSgroup new?
TEDSgroup was established in 1996 and today, continues to provide innovative products.

We aren’t sure about TEDS Premier. Can you explain it in easy terms?
In essence, the more childcare fees your parents pay, the greater the savings will be.

Is it difficult to administer TEDS Premier?
Whilst it may be a relatively complex product for TEDSgroup to administer, for nurseries, the process is streamlined.

Does every nursery use TEDS Premier?
Most nurseries can accept TEDS Premier, once they speak to TEDSgroup, however some aren’t eligible to access TEDS Premier. Talk to TEDSgroup now to find out how TEDS Premier can work for your nursery.

Can I access TEDS Premier for my nursery?
As long as your parents are working for an organisation registered with TEDS Premier they can access the significant benefits offered by the scheme. You or your parent can simply speak to TEDSgroup and/or their employer in order to get started with TEDS Premier and begin to access the childcare savings straight away.

What benefits are there for nurseries who use TEDS Premier?
Firstly it gives you a huge advantage in attracting new clients, over and above providers who aren’t registered with TEDSgroup for TEDS Premier. This is because TEDS Premier reduces your parents’ childcare fees at no cost to you.

It also gives you a £400 per year incentive for every family who uses TEDS Premier. So, you get an instant marketing benefit, extra money and your parents can begin to access the wealth of childcare savings available with TEDS Premier.

Which product provides the most savings on Childcare?
TEDS Premier is the product which gives employees the highest level of benefits, however Employers need to be registered with TEDS Premier to access these additional benefits.

How easy is it to administer TEDS Premier?
Once set up. TEDS Premier is fully automated for parents enrolled on the programme. Funds are transferred directly into your account, leaving you free to concentrate your time on running your nursery.

Is TEDS Premier HMRC approved?
There is no formal approval procedure for HMRC to approve childcare benefits, however TEDSgroup has operated since 1996 and is a member of HMRC’s Childcare Forum.

How are funds transferred?
Employer will pay the childcare fees directly to your nursery. TEDSgroup is registered under the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme and employers have chosen to use this facility.

Can TEDS Premier integrate with our Corporate and Social Responsibility programme?
Yes, with TEDSgroup every employee receives 100% of the benefits they are entitled to. For further details of how TEDSgroup can add to your Corporate and Social Responsibility programme please contact TEDSgroup for more information.

FAQs about childcare tax efficient salary sacrifice schemes for employers (SME) workplace nursery schemes.