TEDS Childcare Vouchers and childcare tax relief benefit in kind for employees of SME companies – TEDS Group benefit in kind workplace nursery benefit scheme, TEDS Premier.

TEDS Premier

Annual up-front incentive & parents save up to 50%

TEDS Premier is the UK’s original and leading workplace nursery benefit scheme for childcare providers and their parents. The scheme, which gives childcare providers a £400 up front incentive payment every year, is an HMRC friendly benefit scheme for parents in employment and can reduce your parents nursery fees by up to 50% per annum. Imagine how you could use this for improving your marketing against the local competition.

As a childcare provider, with TEDS Premier you are automatically entitled to a £400 up-front incentive for every parent who uses the scheme in your nursery or business. You can also tell parents that they are entitled to save 100% tax relief and 100% NI relief on their total annual nursery fees, much more than the tax relief which can be obtained through Childcare Voucher provision.

The TEDS Premier scheme is easy to administer, however TEDSgroup understands that TEDS Premier may seem confusing for parents who may not be familiar with nursery benefit programmes, therefore TEDSgroup provides all the information parents need, marketing support and access to expert advice, through a member of the TEDSgroup team.

What are the main benefits of TEDS Premier for childcare providers?

  • TEDS Premier gives you an up-front annual incentive of £400 per parent enrolled with you on TEDS Premier.
  • TEDS Premier allows your parents to save up to 50% off nursery fees – a massive saving.
  • TES Premier is very easy to administer. Everything is automated.
  • All payments are made to you in advance, on the 1st working day of every month by Direct Credit – secure & instant.
  • TEDS Premier is welcomed by a large number of nursery providers, who also gain financially from participating in the TEDS Premier scheme.
  • TEDS Premier is an HMRC friendly scheme and is run by tax-experts.
  • TEDS Premier can help you make your nursery fees seem more attractive to parents and improve your marketing in your local area.

Why you need to begin offering TEDS Premier

Currently a significant number of childcare providers offer TEDS Premier as the scheme is operated nationally and is rapidly being adopted by forward-thinking nurseries and childcare providers. If you are registered with TEDS Premier, you will be able to accept new parents, receive annual up-front incentive payments, plus you will be able to give your parents up to 50% off their annual nursery fees.

Parents can get 100% tax savings on 100% nursery fees

TEDS Premier is a salary sacrifice scheme which enables parents in employment to access 100% personal tax savings and 100% of their national insurance contributions savings, on their annual nursery fees. For higher earners, this can equate to up to 50% off their annual nursery fees. For workers on an average salary, the tax savings can be quite significant.

TEDSgroup takes care of all the tax savings calculations, which are done directly with their employers, who will need to register with TEDSgroup.

The origins of TEDS Premier – the premier workplace nursery benefit

Following Government introduction of additional childcare tax benefits in 1990, many large companies immediately took advantage by introducing their own ‘blue chip’ schemes.

Recognising that SME (Small & Medium sized Enterprises) businesses would be more competitive if they could access the same employee benefits as the larger companies, TEDSgroup introduced the UK’s first workplace nursery benefit scheme for SME employers in 1996.

There are now many schemes in place both in the public and “blue chip” private sector. Many NHS PCT’s, police forces and universities participate together with blue chip companies e.g. BP, Microsoft, Bodyshop and HSBC.

TEDS Premier is the ultimate tax efficient scheme designed specifically to enable parents in employment to obtain maximum tax-relief for their childcare or nursery fees. The TEDS Premier tax-relief scheme has been provided by TEDSgroup for childcare providers, parents and employers since1996, following extensive research and development to ensure that the scheme fully complied with legislation.

The TEDS Premier scheme is a workplace nursery benefit, enabling parents, employers and nursery providers to gain financial benefit in a unique way.

TEDS Childcare Vouchers and childcare tax relief benefit in kind for employees of SME companies – TEDS Group benefit in kind workplace nursery benefit scheme, TEDS Premier.