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6/4/17 HM Government launches Childcare Choices portal
At the start of the 17/18 Tax Year, HM Government launches Childcare Choices portal, providing information for HMRC childcare costs initiatives.
8/3/17 What is Tax-Free Childcare (TFC)
A brief look at the new Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) Government initiative.
8/3/17 Childcare Initiatives 2017
Budget Announcement Chancellor of the Exchequer Phil Hammond 8th March 2017 about Tax-Free Childcare Initiative.

HM Government launches Childcare Choices portal

Date added: 6/4/17

To coincide with the start of the 2017/18 tax year, HM Government launches a customer-friendly website to help parents find out information about how they can get help with childcare costs. As the information is also new to childcare providers, there’s a section to assist them understand the introduction of the new 30-hours free childcare under the Government’s new initiative.

The new site, outlines the Government’s support for parents, in an easy-to-navigate style, which allows users to put in their own details to see which schemes are available for them, prior to finding out more information about them.

The website helps parents explore the range of options for childcare savings, particularly for working families who are on lower incomes. Many of the options are only available for families where both parents are in work and incorporates Government benefits and childcare savings together in one place for the first time.

For individuals seeking to save the most childcare costs, Workplace Nursery Benefits are not included on the Childcare Choices web site as only Government schemes are listed as options. For working parents, employers and childcare providers looking for optimum childcare savings, TEDS Premier still remains the most tax-efficient choice. Essentially the Childcare Choices web site is designed for those who are not already using a tax-efficient childcare option like TEDS Premier.

The range of options which Childcare Choices covers are 15-hours or 30-hours Tax-Free Childcare, Tax Credits for Childcare, Universal Credit, Childcare Vouchers and Support while you Study.

The Childcare Choices website is part of the Government’s drive to direct users to online-only information and streamline new applications, which comes on the back of adverse publicity for HMRC’s call centres whom have been persistently overwhelmed with high volumes of call traffic every year.

The push is for all new applications and information to be online and whilst the Childcare Choices portal is a good starting point for parents looking for information, beyond the home page of the website, many of the links are to existing HMRC calculators and application forms, so that applications can be made online rather than through a call centre and printed forms.

One of the main aims of the site is to promote HMRC’s Tax-Free Childcare, where both parents needs to be in work and re-apply every three months for eligibility. The offer of 30-hours free childcare for families appears to be attractive, however some of the main childcare providers are still to say whether they will embrace the new system, meaning that there is still some uncertainty around whether parents who apply will be able to place their children with a childcare provider of their choice and be able to access the full 30-hours a week.

With the Government announcing the end of Childcare Vouchers, TEDS Premier is the ideal solution for parents, employers and childcare providers as it provides significant childcare cost savings, enhances the overall employer benefit package and gives childcare providers an advantage over competitors when looking to offer the optimum cost savings for families.

Childcare Vouchers NEWS and tax relief NEWS for childcare – TEDS Group benefit in kind workplace nursery scheme.