Childcare Vouchers - TEDS Childcare Vouchers for SME organisations, employers and employees.

The benefits of TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers give you the chance to save up to £55 a week on your childcare costs – that is nearly £1,200 a year towards the cost of your nursery fees!

Unlike some other voucher schemes, TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers are managed by a completely automated system, which ensures that you never need to remember to ‘activate’ monthly payments to your nursery or childcare provider - with TEDSgroup, it is all done for you.

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers never expire - many childcare voucher providers have expiry dates on their vouchers and operate a ‘use it or lose it’ scheme. TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers are always valid, making sure that you get the full 100% entitlement that is due to you, without any hidden traps.

And, because TEDSgroup operates a Direct Debit and Direct Credit scheme (unlike many of our competitors who use a manual BACS payment method), all money transfers between your employer, TEDSgroup and your childcare provider, are instant, 100% secure and most important, it is guaranteed.

Useful for many different types of childcare

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers can be used for payment towards nursery fees and also a wide range of additional childcare activities including:

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers are valid for

  • Nurseries
  • Childminders
  • Nannies
  • Au Pairs
  • Pre-school activities (nursery, play & crèches)
  • Afterschool childcare
  • Out of school clubs, breakfast clubs, holiday clubs
  • Holiday schemes
  • Extra-curricular activities registered with Ofsted, e.g., ballet, horse riding etc.
  • Independent schools sector non educational childcare

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers also provides a wealth of benefits for your employer, who will also find the scheme easy to operate and completely automated.

Childcare Vouchers - TEDS Childcare Vouchers for SME organisations, employers and employees.