Childcare Vouchers - TEDS Childcare Vouchers for SME organisations, employers and employees.

Benefits: for Your Employer

Your employer will benefit from having a virtually paperless childcare voucher scheme and be able to offer you and your work colleagues a 100% ethical Childcare Voucher scheme for employees.

TEDSgroup has a pro-employer, pro-employee, pro-childcare provider, pro-environment approach to delivering childcare vouchers. Here’s an example of why TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers are good for your employer:

  • Virtually paperless system
  • No expiry dates on vouchers
  • Automated fund transfer – Direct Debit, not manual BACS
  • Guaranteed payments on 1st working day of month to all childcare providers
  • Near-zero carbon footprint
  • Very easy to administer
  • Support package for employers
  • Ethical Corporate & Social Responsibility programme operated by TEDSgroup

Employers will benefit from the way that TEDSgroup operates its 100% secure Direct Debit and Direct Credit fund transfer process, ensuring that funds are moved automatically. This makes sure that your childcare provider gets their funds on time, every month. With TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers , there’s no accounting hassles, no employee confusion and no non-payment, it is simple and straightforward.

By opting for the TEDSgroup Childcare Voucher scheme, every employee is guaranteed to receive 100% of the benefits that they qualify for. Whilst some childcare voucher providers wait for employees to manually activate the ‘draw-down’ process to process fund transfer from their bank accounts, TEDSgroup automatically transfers funds, which are paid on the 1st working day of the month. Furthermore, some childcare voucher providers have ‘voucher expiry dates’. With TEDSgroup, vouchers are always valid, for as long as the Government continues to run the scheme.

TEDSgroup has a comprehensive ethical Corporate and Social Responsibility policy and its banking partner is widely recognised for being a leader in the provision of ethical banking in the UK.

Childcare Vouchers - TEDS Childcare Vouchers for SME organisations, employers and employees.