FAQs about childcare tax efficient salary sacrifice schemes for employers (SME) workplace nursery schemes.

Parent FAQs

Is TEDSgroup new?
TEDSgroup was established in 1996 and today, continues to provide innovative products.

I don’t fully understand TEDS Premier. Can you explain it in easy terms?
In essence, the more childcare fees you pay, the higher your savings will be.

Do I need to understand TEDS Premier?
Whilst it may be a relatively complex product for TEDSgroup to administer, for parents and Childcare Providers, it is very easy to understand and administer. You’ll also receive a simple one-page calculation showing you your Childcare Savings, before you start with TEDS Premier.

Does every nursery use TEDS Premier?
TEDS Premier is only available for registered private day nurseries in the UK. If you choose a nursery that is not a member of the TEDS Premier network, we will request registration. Some nurseries and nursery groups are excluded from TEDS Premier.

My employer doesn’t use TEDS Premier, can I access it?
As long as you work for an organisation registered with TEDS Premier you can access the significant benefits offered under the scheme.

You can simply speak to your employer and see if they would like to start using TEDS Premier, so that you can begin to access the childcare savings straight away.

How will I know how much I am saving with TEDS Premier
You will receive a personalised savings calculation showing your individual savings.

Do I have to choose between TEDS Premier or TEDS eVouchers?
Depending on your individual needs, you may benefit from using one or both benefits and once your Parents’ Questionnaire has been assessed by TEDSgroup, you will be informed what works best for you.

Is TEDS Premier or TEDS eVouchers better?
Once TEDSgroup has received your Parent Questionnaire, your individual needs can be assessed so that you can enjoy the benefits of the best scheme that your employer is subscribed to with TEDSgroup.

Is TEDS Premier HMRC approved?
There is no formal approval procedure for HMRC to approve childcare benefits, however TEDSgroup has operated since 1996 and is a member of HMRC’s Childcare Forum.

How are funds transferred?
Your employer will pay the childcare fees directly to the your chosen nursery. TEDSgroup is registered under the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme and employers have chosen to use this facility.

What can TEDS Childcare Vouchers be used for?
TEDS eVouchers can be used for many different Ofsted registered childcare activities, in addition to nurseries, such as childminders, nannies, au pairs, pre/after school, holiday schemes, non-educational childcare, horse riding, dance schools etc.

When do TEDS eVouchers Expire
Unlike many of our competitors, there are no expiry dates on TEDS eVouchers, so as long as voucher schemes exist TEDS Childcare Vouchers are valid.

FAQs about childcare tax efficient salary sacrifice schemes for employers (SME) workplace nursery schemes.