TEDS Childcare Vouchers and childcare tax relief benefit in kind for employees of SME companies – TEDS Group benefit in kind workplace nursery benefit scheme, TEDS Premier.

The TEDSgroup product portfolio, for parents

Since 1996 TEDSgroup has continued to provide innovative products providing tax relief on childcare, designed to deliver the maximum level of tax relief on childcare costs for employees. The TEDSgroup philosophy is to keep everything really simple and automated, so that you receive your full entitlements quickly and automatically, without the need to release money every month. With TEDSgroup, everything is simple.

TEDSgroup provides two completely unique benefits for employees with children, which are fully guaranteed and backed by a comprehensive Corporate and Social Responsibility policy to ensure that employers of small and medium sized companies have access to easy-to-administer tax efficient schemes. TEDSgroup products provide the most tax efficient way for employees to access the optimum level tax relief that they are entitled to under law.

All TEDSgroup schemes are 100% ethical, with TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers never expiring – like some competitors who place an expiry date on their vouchers.

Everything is secure and automated – by processing all payments between your employer to TEDSgroup and then direct to your childcare provider using Direct Debit and Direct Credit, funds will be cleared into your childcare providers bank account on the 1st working day of every month. TEDSgroup understands the importance of delivering guaranteed payments on time for you. With TEDSgroup, there’s no need to ‘activate’ monthly payments to your childcare provider or ‘draw down’ vouchers, it is all done for you.

In a nutshell, TEDSgroup is the UK’s leading provider of ethical employer tax efficient childcare vouchers and HMRC friendly (HMRC or Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs is the new name for the Inland Revenue or Tax Office), tax efficient employer childcare tax relief schemes. TEDSgroup provides the most efficient workplace nursery benefits for good employers looking to give their employees the best childcare voucher or workplace nursery scheme available to-date.

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers and TEDS Premier have the following, unique advantages, in comparison to competitor schemes.

Advantages of TEDSgroup Group schemes

  • The best childcare tax benefits for employees, with annual childcare savings of up to 50% for employees.
  • TEDSgroup provides expert-level advice by telephone or email for every employee.
  • 15-years experience in childcare tax efficient & childcare voucher schemes - the TEDS Premier was developed in 1995 and first introduced exclusively by TEDSgroup in 1996.
  • TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers never expire – unlike many competitor schemes.
  • Fund transfer is fully automated, making life easier for you.
  • TEDSgroup schemes give the 100% of the childcare tax benefits, directly to you.
  • TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers can be used for a wide variety of childcare activities.
  • TEDSgroup has a highly ethical Corporate and Social Responsibility policy including; a near-zero carbon footprint, virtually paperless business processes, providing 100% of the tax relief directly to employees, an ‘expiry-free’ childcare voucher scheme, all provided through a bank which invests purely in ethical causes.
TEDS Childcare Vouchers and childcare tax relief benefit in kind for employees of SME companies – TEDS Group benefit in kind workplace nursery benefit scheme, TEDS Premier.