TEDS Childcare Vouchers and childcare tax relief benefit in kind for employees of SME companies – TEDS Group benefit in kind workplace nursery benefit scheme, TEDS Premier.

The employee friendly TEDSgroup Childcare Voucher scheme

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers provide the best value scheme in the UK. Unless your employer is using TEDS Premier, for maximum tax relief on your childcare costs, every childcare voucher provider in the UK can only offer the same level of tax-relief on your childcare costs.

Therefore, the real difference between childcare voucher schemes is in the way that they are run and at TEDSgroup, the scheme has been designed purely with you and your employer in mind – that is what TEDSgroup has being doing since 1996, long before any other childcare voucher provider.

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers are available for employers of companies with or without an existing childcare voucher scheme. If your employer has 2,500 employees or less, then let them know all the benefits of using TEDSgroup to provide their vouchers. And, there’s even more benefits for them too, so they will be grateful for you letting them know more about TEDSgroup.

So, why are TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers best for your employer?

For employers without an existing childcare voucher scheme, selecting TEDSgroup delivers quick rewards, enabling employees to access childcare vouchers in the simplest way possible – without any administrative hassle. TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers can also be used for a wide range of childcare activities.

100% automated for you and your employer

All payments between your employer to TEDSgroup, then to your childcare provider, are 100% instant, secure and automated, being managed by Direct Debit and Direct Credit. This ensures that there’s no human error and guarantees payment to your childcare provider on the 1st day of every month, without the need for manual intervention. It is quick, simple and the easiest way of doing things.

You will be interested to know that most providers still use the older BACS system for money transfer and most providers rely on you, the employee to draw down the vouchers – this means that sometimes payments are forgotten, missed or in the worst cases, the vouchers expire. With TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers , this cannot happen as everything is automated.

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers never expire

Are you aware that many of TEDSgroup competitors have built-in expiry dates for their childcare vouchers? With TEDSgroup, you can rest assured that as long as the Government supports childcare voucher provision, TEDSgroup electronic childcare vouchers will never expire.

TEDSgroup’s 100% ethical policy is a watertight guarantee that your childcare benefit entitlement remains yours. ‘No expiry’ dates means that in event that your childcare voucher remains unclaimed for an extended period of time, TEDSgroup guarantees to pay your childcare fees or refund monies in full via your employer.

What can TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers be used for?

TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers can be used for a wide variety of childcare activities including:

  • Nurseries
  • Childminders
  • Nannies
  • Au Pairs
  • Pre-school & afterschool childcare
  • Holiday schemes
  • Extra-curricular activities registered with Ofsted, e.g., ballet, horse riding etc.
  • Independent schools sector non educational childcare

Ready to start using TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers ?

If your employer has enrolled with the TEDSgroup simply enrol on line today.

If your employer has not yet enrolled, please either download the Employer pack or complete the Employer contact form or speak to an expert member of the team today.

Important note for lower paid employees

Everyone’s personal financial circumstances will differ, therefore you should be certain that you can benefit from participating in a Childcare Voucher scheme like TEDSgroup Childcare Vouchers, prior to enrolling. As a general rule for lower paid employees, you may be advised to seek benefits from the Government’s Working Family Tax Credit System.

TEDS Childcare Vouchers and childcare tax relief benefit in kind for employees of SME companies – TEDS Group benefit in kind workplace nursery benefit scheme, TEDS Premier.